Iran Boiler Heat Machinery Company

Established in 1992 and is one of the leading manufacturers of heating equipment in the country, which has been able to attract the trust of experts in the field of production of boilers (boilers, hot water and hot oil) and pressure vessels. .

Iran Boiler Heat Machinery Company, with nearly three decades of activity in the field of production of the following products, has been proud to carry out many projects in the country:


Horizontal boilers are designed and manufactured from a capacity of 100 kg per hour to 500 kg per hour.

Vertical boilers are designed and produced with a working pressure of 1 to 15 bar and a capacity of 500 kg per hour of steam up to 10 tons of steam per hour.

Application of these boilers in industries such as:

Used in car washes, steam saunas, steam car washes and small factories.
And boiler 500 kg and above for:

Food factories: paste, sugar and sugar, soda and syrup, cooking plums, soybeans, pastilles, pickles with autoclave, candy making, sausages, sausages, edible oil purification, date paste or date juice, mushroom cultivation, sweat Making rose and mountain plants and making alcohol

Chemical factories: car oil refining, tire making, solvents and so on

Textile factories: for dyeing fabrics and yarns with steam

Concrete factories: Concrete curing and concreting

Carton factories: Steam is used to heat the rollers.

Wood mills: Baking wood or darkening wood with high temperature

Livestock and poultry feed, meat powder and bone powder

Hot oil boilers:

Hot Oil Heater boilers rise horizontally and standing according to the British standard from 200 kcal / hr to 3,000,000 kcal / hr with a temperature of 70 ° C to 400 ° C.

Hot oil boiler application:

Factories: candy making, carton making, rubber making, wood darkening and baking materials that require high temperature.

Hot water boilers:

Horizontal boilers with national standard plates are designed and manufactured as welding with a capacity of 100 kcal / hr to 2/000/000 kcal / hr.

Application of hot water boiler and hot water:

Suitable for residential houses and swimming pools.

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