Full electrical switchboard

  • Enable weekly schedule to turn on and off
  • Has a display that shows all the problems of the engine
  • Put an alarm on the device that if it does not turn on, it will sound an alarm or send a text message
  • Programming and creating applications on the phone that can be turned on remotely.
  • And any feature that the employer needs can be added to the ATS automatic panel.


ATS automatic switchboards and accessories Automatic electric motor

Automatic switchboards help electric motor devices. Pump motors or diesel generators are placed in the city power circuit. And when the power goes out, order the engine to turn on. And replace the diesel generator electricity after reaching the set frequency and the required standard. Without any problem for consumer devices. And after establishing the city electricity, the panel automatically turns off the electric motor or generator and connects the city electricity. / Fu electrical panel

The electrical panel is actually a compartment in which electrical equipment is installed. In defining the electrical panel, we do not need to think of it as a closed metal space. Closed metal space is just one type of panel. This article has been written with the aim of getting acquainted with the electrical panel. Please stay with us until the end of the article.

In the past, there were dangers due to environmental factors and problems caused by the installation of equipment and phenomena such as short circuits in electrical equipment, so for this reason, the need to increase safety was felt more than ever, so experts designed and marketed electrical panels. کردن.

Of course, one of the other factors that reminds us of the necessity and importance of the electrical panel is that all the electrical parts were available to the operator, so it prompted manufacturers and specialists to seek to increase safety. Therefore, they designed the electrical panel in the form of a closed enclosure so that the equipment inside it was inaccessible.

This enclosure contains electrical equipment. Of course, it is necessary to know that the panels, depending on their type, can have pneumatic equipment such as solenoid valves, compressors, etc.

If we want to have a simple definition of electrical panel to get acquainted with electrical panel, we can say that electrical panel is the same electric meter that is in the house. As you know, electricity meters in factories are not enough for electricity input and therefore it seems necessary to manage, upgrade and control and protect the use of electrical panels.


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