Application of barometer or manometer of industrial boiler

Indoor steam pressure or boiler temperature is indicated by a manometer (c). When the pressure reaches the working limit, the steam can be sent to the factory for consumption or use in heating systems by opening the main steam valve. Of course, it also shows the pressure of the boiler. Which are different for each job where the barometer is adjusted

The vent valve is used to drain the air in the boiler when filling with water and also to drain the vacuum when the boiler is turned off. This valve is closed when the boiler is running.


Pressure Gauge:

The pressure gauge does not control and only shows the amount of steam pressure inside the boiler to the operator. Because pressure gauge is now a measuring device. Must be calibrated within a specified time period. The operator must also visit the pressure gauge continuously. And note the result in the relevant checklists. The size of the pressure gauge should be such that the operator can easily read and record the amount of pressure inside the boiler from the bottom of the boiler. Boiler grade


The pressure gauge in the industrial boiler is one of the requirements for trim in the boiler. Obviously you need to use a pressure gauge gauge in your industrial boiler to ensure the proper operation of the controls, but I have seen units that the operators have not paid any attention to. A boiler that does not have a pressure gauge has more problems. The pressure gauge gauge in the industrial boiler must be in accordance with the code and its scale and range must be approved. A common misconception in most units is the use of a smaller gauge or pressure gauge with a smaller gauge plate.

Often the boiler owner wants to save money by doing this, but when it breaks down, he has to buy another gauge. It is better to follow the manufacturer’s advice in this case and install a pressure gauge gauge in an industrial boiler. In low pressure boilers, the gauge size can be determined by moving the indicator, which must have a 3-inch screen, at least for pressure fluctuations of 0 to 3 PSI.


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