Sand filter (resin)

One of the most important and widely used methods in clarifying water and wastewater is filtration by sand filter. The basis of such filters is the physical purification of water and trapping of suspended particles up to 80 microns on the bed of the sand filter. In such a way that water enters the filter and the silica rock bed from the upper part of the filter, and after passing through the silica bed lab, separates all suspended solutes up to 80 microns. And clear water is directed out from the bottom of the filter. The sand filter tank is made of galvanized sheet metal. In the black sheet, after sandblasting, it is insulated with three layers of epoxy paint to make it resistant to corrosion.


Sand filter (resin)

The most well-known type of contaminant in water that can be examined. Hardness of water. To define it, we can say that the set of cations and positive and negative anions of the solution. Noted in the water. Its simple definition is that the complex of calcium and magnesium ions in water is water hardness. Due to its formation, the passage of water through the limestone is soft. Which cause the formation of calcium and magnesium. Most groundwater has a high hardness. /Sand filter

Problems caused by water with high hardness Sedimentation in industrial and drinking water equipment and piping systems. Basically, water with high hardness causes calcium carbonate deposition when heated. This action makes the heating pipes of the building more visible, causes deposits in the pipes, reduces efficiency and damage, and ultimately increases the cost of repairing and replacing them.

Reduce the effects of detergents and detergents
When detergents, especially soap, are exposed to water with high hardness, a chemical reaction takes place due to the presence of calcium in the water. The reaction of sodium in the detergent water is replaced by calcium ions, which results in a good foam. Do not use these detergents, and this will increase the effectiveness of the detergent, increasing the use of detergents, which is more evident in washing clothes and washing hair and body.


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