Safety valve

What is a safety valve or safety valve?

A safety valve is a valve that prevents overpressure in equipment and maintains the safety of people and equipment. By increasing the operating pressure of the system beyond the specified, the safety valve (safety valve) stabilizes the pressure by discharging a volume of fluid out of the system. It is important that the safety valves perform their function under any circumstances and prevent Increase system pressure.


Safety valve

Increased allowable pressure occurs for various reasons: / Safety valve

Unwanted flow of fluid resorting to shut-off valves

Improper operation or failure of pressure relief valves

Defects in the cooling system that cause the fluid to evaporate and expand

– Power outage or compressed air to control systems

– fire

– Failure of heat exchanger pipes

Unwanted chemical reactions

– Local temperature changes

– …

Different types of safety valves or safety valves are used with different standards.

The term Safety Valve in Europe is equivalent to the Safety Relief Valve or Pressure Relief Valve in the United States, and the term Safety Valve in the United States refers to the Full-Lift Safety Valve in Europe.

Safety valve accessories
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What is a boiler pressure relief valve? Why does a safety valve fail?

It is better to enter the famous category of boiler safety pressure relief valve before entering. Correct a common misconception about it. In industry, these valves are called Safety Valves, but it is better to say. The correct title of these valves in industrial boilers is boiler safety pressure relief valve and as far as you can try not to get it wrong with the safety shotoff valve or safety main valve (safety shotoff valve) and in this article we use the same term pressure relief valve. We use Iran Boiler Boiler Confidence Breaker. So that there is no ambiguity in engineering terms.

What is a boiler safety breaker valve?

These valves are the most important element of the boiler trim. Because they are in the last line of defense against preventing a boiler explosion catastrophe. This is why a boiler pressure relief valve is possible. It may seem simple, but it is the most refined tool in the world. The ASIVE code contains the most stringent requirements in their construction, testing and approval. The manufacturer of the boiler safety pressure relief valve must obtain the necessary licenses from the international standard company ASME. These valves must have the appropriate ASME label or seal for the relevant application. These marks (see appendix) indicate that all defined rules and requirements have been met.

Requirements for standards related to Iran Boiler Boiler Safety Breaker Valve

Do not forget that the applications of safety valves are special and you should not use the boiler safety breaker valve in the boiler pressure tank. If the milk you are using does not have a standard label or valid mark, but you think that this milk is good and you use it in the manufacture of industrial boilers

All we can tell you is that this is not much different from driving without a brake. Quality and genuine valves ensure that it will work in case of need and emergency and not using it is stupid.

The label on the valve must provide the pressure and capacity of the valve to the user and the operator and all the specifications must be included in it. The valve must be large enough to drain all the steam produced by the industrial boiler or all the fluid in the pressurized tank. In many industrial sites, errors are observed that are unacceptable and greatly increase operational risks. In an industrial unit, we saw a safety valve that, instead of being installed on a 2in line, using connections, line size Were reduced to 1in and the boiler safety valve was closed to it, which we strongly advise you to never make such a mistake.

Technical points of installation and operation of boiler safety pressure relief valve should be known, Iranian boiler

Another point is that you should never add a pipe between the valve and the industrial boiler. You should not even put any other milk in between. There are times when, in boiler testing or industrial boiler maintenance matters, you block other routes related to the boiler safety breaker valve, but you must return them to working order before starting operation. These valves must be installed vertically otherwise they will not work properly.

Steam safety valves, also known as Safety valves, have a special arrangement in their building. Which allow the valve to open completely. When the valve is closed, the valve disc is exposed to the boiler pressure, and as soon as the valve is opened, the boiler pressure is exposed to the entire surface of the disc, which applies a lot of force to the valve. And opens completely immediately. The pressure must drop slightly below the set value to close the valve. When your operating pressure is too close to the valve settings, you need to make more drops to fully open the valve

How home hot water safety valve works – Iran boiler

Home service water heaters or water heaters have other features on the taps. They are PTV valves, pressure and temperature valves. And they are necessary to prevent the water heater from exploding. In other words, we must remember that your home heater has one of them. The problem with home water heaters is that the pressure is not generated by the heat source. The usual setting for these devices is 125psig and will not open with normal oscillations. PTV will only work when the water is trapped by a one-way valve or anything else and the pressure increases due to the expansion of the water.

The pressure will not increase if the controls cannot switch off the burner, appliances or backup steam of the service water heater. Because pressure depends on water supply. The expansion of the heated water pushes the cold water back and down the line; As the heat continues, the water eventually heats up so much that it begins to evaporate, and as a result, the steam takes up more space than the water and pushes the hot water toward the water.


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