Level control


Level control – Level switch – Float switch – Electric float

These types of level controllers (level controllers) are usually used at the same time. That you do not have a wide range of levels in the tank to fill and empty. These pipes have a long life and low price. The operation of these swing switches is simple and straightforward, a swing mechanism that acts like a home power switch. Turns off and on the power and turns off and on electrical devices. Of course, sometimes these devices so that the electrical part of the switch does not come into contact with the fluid. They use an intermediate magnetic mechanism. .

The application of the swing switch may be very simple and its operating environment may not have high temperature, pressure, oxidation and corrosion, in which case the operation of the switches and the design of the control switch are simple and all parts of the swing switch may be immersed in liquid. But when the environmental conditions are more difficult, various mechanisms will be used, the most common of which is the use of magnetic properties, which we will discuss further in the following.


A boiler is used to heat water for steam. To achieve this, a series of pipes are placed in the boiler to enclose the water and provide a large surface area for heat transfer to connect to the hot combustion gases. The water in these pipes turns into steam. Steam is used for the purpose of converting energy. To do this, the water level in the boiler chamber must always be above a certain level and must not overflow. The boiler control lever is used to maintain this condition.


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